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Hello Venusmulti fans and welcome to our Ranklist page!

As we all know “life is more fun if you play games”, but by choosing Venusmulti you will get much more than that. This brand new online creation takes all your best qualities out and helps you become a winner. You can now use your intuition and smartness to climb up the ranklist and compete with other valuable players. Be aware, though, that ranking is available only on the mobile versions that work with iOS and Android. Once you get to the TOP 5 Players, you’ll be a proud owner of one of the following titles: God, Jedi, Paduan, Knights or Masters. The rest of the players will be ‘students’. Also, in the near future we will make sure to organize weekly tournaments for you to get the most out of Venusmulti. Stay tuned!


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How can I enter the ranklist?

The only thing you need to do is download the game and play! The more credits you get from winning, the further you will be in the ladder!

Climb up!

If you manage to climb up the Venusmulti ladder, you will receive various rewards that can range from bonus credits to even permanent medals and cups that will make you a unique member of the Venusmulti community. Whether you want to try your luck and compete with the best is entirely up to you, but we assure you that once you start competing on our site, you won’t be able to stop playing!